Bull's New Classic Car

When trues love strikes...

It probably wasn't until about five years ago that I really began to appreciate classic cars and their beautiful well designed exteriors. Not because my tastes changed but because cars were not important to me or on my radar. When I was young, the first car I wanted was a ford KA (a car that looked like a teapot), and I was brought a Fiat Seicento Sporting (no, not the one on the Inbetweeners but similar!) I was very fortunate that my parents brought me a car but it wasn't one that I chose and I never loved it or thought it beautiful.

Tash (Mark) on the other hand had his first classic car in his early 20s. He has always had the bug and appreciated their beauty. Mark brought his second Volvo Amazon a few years ago and although it's needed a lot of work done to get it where it is now, it's been worth it! I LOVE being a passenger in his car. Driving is so much more enjoyable when you love the car you are in. People smile and wave and even have hand gestures to show their appreciation for the classics. It's great. I decided that I wanted in.

I chose a VW Beetle as my modern car because I loved the originals. It was obvious what classic I should get. We were on the look out. The colour didn't bother me, we just had to wait for the right one. You should never rush into these sort of things.

Tash asked me to meet him one night. He'd found one! It was blue! It was love at first sight.

I feel so lucky and it feels like I've always had it. She needs some work but the engine is in great condition. Low milage and two lady owners (they always say thats a good thing). Look out for more stories and pictures of her. I'm beyond excited for summer road trips!

Love Bull x

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