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We are very passionate about the lifestyle products we have selected for Bull + Tash. It takes time to curate collections that work well together and that also serve a purpose. One of our favourite products is our copper water bottle by Yogibeings. We couldn't think of a more perfect person to review it than our good friend Fae YOGA. Faye has created a beautiful blog that would interest any yogi! Everything you ever wanted to know about classes, retreats and what to wear (Faye is a stylist and KNOWS what looks great). For anyone interested in Yoga, the blog is a must! Get ready to be inspired by this girls wisdom. We asked Faye to introduce Fae YOGA -


I started faeYoga as an answer to all my friends and colleagues asking me for my recommendations for yoga classes, events and retreats! I would really like to offer people an inside glimpse of yoga studios and what to expect in different classes to make them feel more confident going to new classes, booking an event or retreat.


Lifestyle is the way in which a person lives. At Bull + Tash we believe that your home and daily surrounding matter. These and many other factors are what makes up a persons lifestyle. We asked Faye from FaeYoga what was important to her about the following-


My predominant method of exercise is Yoga but I also do a little Pilates and love to walk. Yoga has become such a big part of my life because it is not only exercise - whilst the physical practice brings me strength the other elements of yoga help me bring balance into my life.


I never use diet plans or limit my eating- I believe in eating healthy wholesome meals, limiting snacking to fruit, nuts and seeds and always having a bit of what you fancy (for me that’s dark chocolate!) I do not eat meat and try to limit my intake of dairy and processed foods. I think food should be enjoyed - never say no to Birthday cake ;)

Also thinking about why you are craving something - if you really crave sugar it will only be a quick energy fix - getting more sleep or choosing foods with slower energy release may help ward off the cravings.


I really pack my calendar full; holidays, trips with friends, yoga workshops and events, birthday parties and time with my family! To be honest I haven’t found a way to balance time for work, socializing and restorative time for myself. I just know prioritizing spending time with people I love always trumps all!


I’ve been listening to a lot of guided meditations - I find it hard to relax without a time frame so knowing it’s a fixed period allows me to focus. I’d recommend listening to the ‘Calm Mind, Confident Life’ podcast by Value Your Mind. 


Does anyone get enough? Certainly not Londoners! 

For me it’s about creating the right space to feel relaxed and switch off in. A clean and organised space, low lighting and a big comfy sofa to aid you in winding down. I also use essential oils before bed - I love Neal’s Yard’s remedies to roll, the lavender is great for relaxing before bed.


I took such pleasure designing the interiors of my home, we have a two bed flat in Mile End and I wanted to turn it into a really calm escape from the city. 

My partner and I bought one piece of furniture at a time, getting a feel for the space that remained before moving onto the next - I think this works really well if you have a smaller space and want to avoid filling it with coordinating pieces. I love retro design particularly Scandinavian pieces.


We asked Faye to review our 'the Humble' Copper Water Bottle by Yogibeings. We decided to work with this company because of their 'Yogilosophy' which you can read about here. We believe a great water bottle can enhance your lifestyle and be kind to the environment.

What are your first impressions of the Humble Copper Water Bottle?

I love the design, I have never seen a copper water bottle before - such an interesting idea!

Is this something you would use everyday?

I travel to work by tube so I always carry a water bottle with me, but I would also carry this with me for Yoga. I easily exceed two litres of water a day- so this is a real necessity for me!

How does it feel to hold?

Whilst the bottle is cool and metallic it still feels quite organic.

Would you buy this as a gift?

This is a great gift for any health conscious loved one. 

We love the fact that the bottles are free from the harmful toxins released by plastics. Is this something you agree with?

We all need to be more conscious of our use of plastics and this is such an easy way to reduce your own purchasing of single use plastics. The fact that this in turn limits how many toxins you are putting into your body is a bonus!

The design fits in most standard bike bottle holders, would you use it on your bike?

I love bike rides in the summer with my partner (although I prefer to stick to the parks!) I have a big basket on the front of my bike which I would keep it in.

What most stands out to you about the water bottle?

I love the connection to Ayurveda - they say copper balances our three dosha’s (or elements) as well as being naturally anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

To finish, do you have any advice for people who want to improve on their lifestyles? We believe that making even little changes can help your health and the environment.

I agree!! Small changes build up to make a huge difference. I’d say don’t put too much pressure on yourself - so often people aim to make these drastic lifestyle changes in terms of fitness, diet or environmental choices and feel like they have failed when they don’t achieve it! Start with small changes and look for positives over negatives - ‘I am going to eat more fruit and vegetables’ over ‘I won’t eat chocolate’! Find fitness studios and events that are really fun to go to and get some friends and family to join you!


We hope that you have been inspired to read more about FaeYOGA. Follow her @faeyoga on instagram to witness her wonderful adventures.

Love Bull x

Photography by FaeYOGA


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